What Is An Admission Essay?

An admissions essay is one of the most important parts of a college application and the main purpose of this essay is to give specific details about yourself, your past experiences, philosophy and future goals in a way that makes you look attractive to college admissions officials. Some admissions experts say that the essay should be the first thing you complete during the application process since it takes the most time and effort. Before you write the essay you should write a list of all the qualities and past experiences that make you unique from the other applicants because some college admissions officials have complained of a lack of originality in admissions essays.
Essay writing is extremely useful as it allows the author to learn clearly and correctly formulate thoughts, organize information, use the basic concepts, to illustrate the experience with relevant examples, argue their conclusions.

The MBA Admissions Essay

If you just received your bachelor's degree and you want to get in a master of business administration degree, here are some tips on the admissions essay by a few college admissions officials. It's not enough to write your accomplishments and your academic background because admissions want to know more than this. In the essay talk about what you can bring to the university's business program because business schools look for students who can improve the school's reputation. Also mention your career goals and how the school can provide the necessary tools to make it happen. For example, if you want to build your city's first non-commercial radio station after graduation, discuss how the school's music business specialization program and your own efforts will help you achieve this goal. Don't treat the essay like a boring research paper but instead add as many interesting aspects of your life as possible.


When you prepare a well-thought out essay for college, you don't want to take shortcuts or use generalizations. You should spend at least a month on writing the essay and when you're finished the essay you want to have someone look over it so you can see and correct any errors. Pay attention to the questions that the admissions officers want answered because certain admissions officials said that a common problem is that some applicants include everything in the essay except the answers to the questions. You don't want to overthink the answers but at the same time you should reflect on the questions and give the best detailed answers possible. Finally, be honest while writing the essay.