Creating An Outstanding Essay About Yourself

Writing an autobiographical essay can be an excellent way to apply for a job or a school, but this project is also sometimes given out as a project to students to test their ability to write interestingly about themselves. What you're doing by writing this essay is introducing yourself to a complete stranger, so don't assume that the person reading it knows you already.

Hello, my name is...

It's easy to start your self portrait essay in a humdrum way, like 'My name is...', or, 'My story begins with...' Let that first sentence sing a tune of pure originality and you'll find that people will be interested in reading further, instead of forcing themselves to do so. Your teacher may have to read through thirty or more of these essays, so make yours a delight to read by starting it right and not losing his or her attention from the onset.

It's a story

Because this essay is about the writer, it should be written in the first person. This opens your essay up to a few possible negatives you should be aware of.

Make sure you're not assuming that everything you may think is interesting about your life is interesting to everyone else. People like a story with a bit of a plot or a twist. Instead of just stating the facts, tell your story and make it a good one.

You also don't want to come across as arrogant in your narrative. Put yourself in the reader's shoes and write in a way that will force the reader to come to his or her own conclusions about what you're reporting.

A little piece of you

You'll want to give the reader a bit of insight into your appreciations. Knowing what you like will sell your story well to the reader and hopefully help him or her relate to you in some way. Do this by quoting someone you admire or openly following the advice of a respected role model. You may also want to include yourself in a pre-established group that holds an existing belief system to something admirable.

Write with purpose

Try not to write a mishmash of facts and events that don't culminate into anything. There should be a point to your essay. Aim to offer the reader something to share, instead of ramming something they don't relate to down their throat. Your reader wants to identify with you so make sure you write down significant details about yourself that have been life altering highlights or achievements.

To expound or not to expound

Choose carefully which events or people to elaborate on. Some subjects are worth developing further, while others are not worth mentioning more than once. Knowing what the reader will find interesting is what makes a good essay so pick your subjects carefully and don't afford too much time on the mundane.

And above all... try to have fun. You do, after all, know yourself better than anyone else does, making you the undisputed expert on this subject.