Composing a Winning Application Essay in 5 Easy Steps

By the time students need to write an admission essay, they should know what steps need to be taken to create a good paper. However, this particular piece of academic writing is very special, and you will need to make some adjustments to the plan you usually follow in order to write an admission paper that will definitely get you a place in the college of your dreams.

  1. Do the right kind of research.
  2. An admission essay should be a story about yourself, so it may seem that you don't need to do any additional research. However, this isn't true. You need to learn as much as you can about the college you are applying to. Look up the graduates and professors in order to get more info. You may even try to take a look at some of the admission essays written by successful students if you have some friends in this particular college. If not, you should try to find them online.

  3. Write a script, not an outline.
  4. In the majority of cases, an admission essay will be more effective if you use the elements of narration when writing it. All in all, you need to create a vivid story that will draw the readers in. To achieve this kind of effect, you will need to forget that you are working on an essay. Instead imagine that you are a screenwriter and need to create a movie scene. This adjustment in attitude will help you write a story instead of a boring formal paper.

  5. Apply a bit of originality to the paper's structure.
  6. Every good essay, regardless of its type, must have an introduction, body and conclusion. However, you are free to experiment with the paragraph structure when working on an admission essay. You should be original and develop some unusual form of putting the information on paper, for example, a series of flash scenes or a clipped diary entry.

  7. Focus on your reasons.
  8. You need to list your virtues in the essay in order to persuade the board to give you a chance to study in this particular college. Be sure not to overdo it as outright boasting will draw a negative reaction from the readers. It's best to focus your essay on explaining the reasons to why you decided to go into this particular college, why you chose this profession, and why these people won't regret giving you a chance.

  9. Revise, edit, and edit some more.
  10. An admission essay must be completely free of any mistakes. This means that you will need to go over it at least three times in order to edit it to perfection.