Brainstorming Personal Statement Topics

Coming up with a personal statement isn't always the easiest task in the world. The good news is that brainstorming can really prove to be useful, but how do you go about doing effective brainstorming? Here are a few ideas that will help to get you started.

Write About Your Life and your Resume

Sometimes, you can just take a look back at your life experiences, and you can put together something that includes information on your extra curricular activities, volunteer work, educational background, and other information.

Write About Your Culture

Some people find it to be a great idea to write about their culture. You can write about your gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, goals and other cultural aspects of your life. You can use these ideas to help you come up with a story that will help you connect with the reader.

Write About One of Your features

From time to time, you may find that you have a feature that is uncommon- for instance, some people may be able to speak different languages. Others may be able to sign in American Sign Language. Either way, you probably have some unique features that will make a great story line. Think about it, and write down anything unique about yourself.

Look at Some Samples

Another great way to get ideas for what to write about for your personal statement is by looking at some samples that have been provided online. The key is to make sure that you look at quality samples, and you don't go too generic with it. After all, you want your personal statement to stand out from the rest. Just use it for ideas, and nothing more.

Don't Hold Yourself Inside the Box

Sometimes, you really just have to get creative with your approach to writing a personal statement. It isn't always the easiest thing to do, but you can think outside of the box and get a whole lot further. You are sure to find something worth writing about, if you take the time to learn more about yourself and really get creative.

As you can see, brainstorming personal statement topics isn't impossible. Let these ideas see where they can take you, and you are sure to come up with an effective topic that is going to be able to offer you insight for your final draft. Make sure that you take the time to focus on what is important to you.