Editing and Proofreading Application Essays

If you write one document in your entire life that is more important than any other - it is your application essay. Your application to the school that you want to attend is important because this is your chance to get into the school of your dreams.

This is why you want to make sure this document is perfect in every sense of the word.

What to Do if You Have Problems with English or English Grammar

If you have problems with the English language or English grammar, you'll want to reach out for help with your application letter to all the qualified parties that you can.

First, seek out a grammar or English composition instructor at your university rather than the writing center. Writing centers can often only spend a short allotment of time with you. Sometimes, if they are not busy, you can get one to speak with you for longer than ten minutes - but not often.

Therefore, approach an instructor - make sure they look friendly, approachable, and not swamped with work.

Most importantly, approach them during their office hours or after class. This will show them the respect they deserve.

What to Do If You Want to Proofread Yourself

If you feel up to proofreading your own essay, then there are several resources you can consult to help make your essay perfect.

Make Sure You Have all the Elements of a Good Application Letter First

A good application essay has all kinds of elements that can make it a superior to all the other hundreds of essays these instructors will have to read.

Most of all, make sure it has a superior and attention-getting introduction. You must have an attention-getting instructor because you must stand out from all the other letters. Try a really attention-getting first sentence. Do not make it so academic that it is boring.

Second, make sure it is grammatically correct and that your spelling is completely accurate. Spell checkers cannot catch certain errors. What if you have mistakenly put the word "site" for "sight?" See, both are right so the spell checker won't catch them.

Read the Essay Aloud, Slowly

Reading the essay aloud, slowly and carefully, will help you to catch most errors. Vocalizing each word will slow you down enough to catch every error, if you are careful.


Make it unusual and attention-getting, and make sure it is grammatically correct and you cannot lose.