Useful Techniques for How to Write a Great College Admissions Essay

A great college admission essay includes taking time to think and plan your material. When you take the time to write your essay you gain clarity on what the school wants and their expectations. Sometimes it is a matter of gathering your thoughts and thinking about how you would present them. Remember, the admissions committee has seen a large number of essays and you need to think about how you will set yours apart from others. The following points can give more insight on ideas to consider when writing your college admissions essay.

  • Make a list of unique characteristics others point out about you. You may have a good idea on characteristics you like about yourself, but what do others notice about you? Ask people you know about what they like about you and what they think the school should know.
  • Brainstorm possible concepts for your essay. When you want to present something unique and different, this may require a bit of brainstorming. You can do this even if your admission essay has a question or topic recommended. You want to be able to present information about yourself in a convincing way that is honest but maybe a little different than what the admission committee is used to.
  • Think about what value you would bring to the school and how they would meet their expectations. What you bring to the school can help keep its reputation positive. You will want to consider school standards and what they expect from their students. How do you intend to meet such standards and how do your personal qualities help you fit into the environment?
  • What are must-know details about yourself you want others to know about you? What are things about yourself you are proud about? This can be anything from an accomplishment to a personal quality others may not know about you. How would you include this information into your essay and make it relevant to the admission process?
  • Write multiple drafts to get different perspectives on your ideas. You should write at least a couple of drafts to get an idea of how your final essay will come together. The first draft basically gets raw ideas together into a potential essay. You can go back over your content and make changes and revisions to details until it is the way you want it.