Tips on How to Write an Impressive Essay for University Admission

Senior Year

It is your senior year of high school, and you still have not filled out any applications to any colleges or universities. You have looked up a few universities, but some of them want an essay on why they should admit you. The other colleges that do not require an essay seem to be less reputable in the real world (an Ivy League university vs your local community college, as an example). So, you have decided to give writing the essay a try. Below are some tips on getting started:

  1. Begin with your resume, what are the highlights of your academic career?
  2. What are the highlights of your social life, do you volunteer or participate in a club?
  3. Describe your sports affiliations - are you on the soccer or volleyball team?
  4. Do you have any unique qualities - are you the only one in your school who can crochet an exact likeness of your school mascot?
  5. Be accurate - do not try to build yourself up bigger than you actually are

Each of these things can help you in making a good impression to the admissions council at the university. Make a detailed list of all your achievements in each point to better help form your thesis on yourself.

Forming Your Thesis

You now have an impressive list of achievements from the past four years of high school (or further if your talents were discovered at an early age). All of those achievements are reasons why the university should admit you over another student. Next, you should group your achievements by any logical means that you can. For instance, if you are a part of a math club at your school and you also have certain achievements in the school band, you do not want to mix the two together into one category.

Finally, they are all grouped, however, you could only think of two logical groups for your achievements. That is not a bad thing, you just have to decide on what else you are better at than most other students. This could mean a certain quality you have that others do not. Choosing a quality could be as creative as telling the admissions council how good at being intuitive you are, or it could be as practical as explaining your integrity.

Writing Your Essay

The thesis for your essay is a perfect understanding of you as an over-achieving student at this point. Now, all that is left is to write your essay. If you consider yourself a funny person, maybe a starting line that makes the reader chuckle is the best way to begin your essay. If you are not inclined to jokes, then maybe a quote from your idol is a little more appropriate (assuming the quotes lines up with your beliefs and essay themes). Either way you go, just remember to make the first sentence state something about your personality and help get your thesis across to the admissions council.