What Are the Appropriate Topics for a College Application Essay?

At different points through a student's school life, a student will have the chance to show their level of understanding, of what they've learned as they move to a higher grade. Such is the case when a student leaves high school for college.

Being admitted into a college can be exciting and/or scary. The student will likely have to be on their own for the first time and adjust to a new and very different way of life.

Enrollment is competitive. Colleges and looking for students who that can improve their school's reputation so students with good grades and other valuable attributes are very much wanted. As part of the admission process, that determines whether the student is selected or not, a college application essay is usually required with a interview or is the interview itself. But the topics are very broad. What are the appropriate topics for a college application essay?

Application Experience

Unless the student has been actively pursuing paid work while in high school, they may not be very familiar with the application process. In general, this process let's the employer know a bit more about the person's skill set. How they express themselves.

A written essay is a very revealing document that gives the employer some insight into what the person is like. So when a student completes an essay for a college, they should be somewhat modest and straight to the point. The expectations met for a job application, such as requiring a cover sheet, are what the college application essay demands too.

Academic Life

The colleges certainly want to have students who want to learn. A student who doesn't express that is likely to be rejected. The transition from high school to college is brand new and should be expressed in a way that presents a new beginning to the school. Appropriate topics to cover in the essay are:

  • The student's involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • Involvement and experiences with their community
  • The student's view of higher-learning and the future
  • What the student learned from their experiences
  • How they can contribute to their new school.

The point is also not to show off. It's very important to come across as a team player as the college responds well to students who can work well with others.

The Essay Overall

It might seem like a major task to complete an essay requirement, however the demands are nothing compared to the other kinds of essays a college student will have to complete further down the line.

The good thing about this type of essay is that it's more personal than formal. The demand for a impressive essay is very rare. Basic high school writing skills are enough to complete this task. Once the student has submitted one, they will find that essay is easier than most.