Finding Best College Admission Essays Examples

Applying to college is a stressful time for high school seniors. Not only do they have to fill out applications, but they have to ask their teachers for letters of recommendation, apply for scholarship, and write college admission essays. Since high school students do not write college admission essays in classes, most of them have no idea what such an essay should look like or sound like. Fortunately, there are many places to find examples.

Use a Sample Essay as a Template

Most students learn best from looking at examples and practicing. If you can find an example of an essay that you really like, you can use the example as an outline for your actual essay. Even if you can only find a part of a college admission essay, then you should simply use what you can find. If you are going to use a sample, the best thing to do is sit down with it next to the essay you are writing and create your own essay, going line by line through the original essay. This way, you will have the same structure, but with your own content. If you do decide to use the essay as a template, be sure that you do not copy any of the essay at all or you run the risk of being accused to plagiarism.

Look in Smart Places

When you begin your search for sample essays, you should know where to look. A basic search might get you samples, but not very good ones. The best samples will be on websites that are hosted by colleges and universities. Many of the big schools have writing tutorials that are available for free online. These include exemplary examples. Other good examples will be found on websites that are sponsored by the publishers of the college testing programs. Since those programs want to make money off of students, they might charge you to see their best essay samples.

Ask Your Teachers for Samples

Another good place to look for samples is at your school. Many times, English teachers, counselors, and librarians will keep samples of the best college application essays that previous students have written. In some schools, there are written classes designed for seniors just to help them write their college application essays. Your teachers might not let you take the actual essay out of the room, but you might be able to sit with it in the classroom and draft an outline to help you write your own.