How to Write A College Admission Essay Overnight

While some students have a lot of time to prepare their college admission essays, some students may be pushing the deadline for mailing in their applications and will need to write the essay within a short period of time. However, this doesn't mean that you can't prepare a high quality college admission paper. The key to writing a successful college admission essay is to know what the college looks for in its' future students and ask yourself if you have those qualities. For example, if the college seeks students who value social responsibility, you would give a specific example in which you served your community in a beneficial way.

Discussion of Social Issues

Some college admissions officials will want you to give your opinion on a certain current event or social issue and a reason they do this is because they want to know what are values are and if you are able to think critically about a certain topic. If the essay question is about your views on how military veterans struggle to find employment and receive good healthcare after returning from service, you can mention that the government has not done enough to help military veterans transition back into civilian life. In the essay you want to support the claim with evidence from credible news sources.

What Your Future Goals Are

Your essay should also include how the school will assist you in building your career and you can answer this question by first researching the school you are applying to and by thinking about your own career goals. If the college has a comprehensive education program that is known for its' special education curriculum, you can state that you believe that this curriculum will give you the tools to succeed as a special education teacher. Mention other meaningful goals that shows your commitment to improving others' lives. If you plan to start a career counseling service for those with learning disabilities, mention this in the essay.

If you want to complete the college admission essay overnight, you want to research and write out the essay during the daytime hours and when nighttime comes, you can spend the rest of your time typing the essay. Before you mail in the essay and other application materials, you should let your teacher or relative look over it to check for errors.