Admission Essay Tips: Be Creative

Everyone writes the same boring admission essays that say the same boring things. It must get tiring for the admissions committee to read one essay worded differently a hundred or so times. Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air to get something a little different? There are plenty of ways to spice up your essay to stand out of the crowd and grab the committee's attention in a good way. Don't think that your essay has to sound like all of the other admission essays. In fact, this is detrimental to you to write the same things that everyone else is writing. It leaves you as just one of the rest. You want to stand out. If you use the words creative and/ or innovative to describe yourself, don't you think it's time to show it rather than say it?

Write in a Style Different than the Standard Essay

People typically write admission essays in first person, present tense and follow a standard formula for the content. Spice it up. Write your essay in a narrative format. Maybe write it from the point of view of you on your graduation day. You can do whatever you want. Even a very good poem ,could grab the committee's attention.

Get the Reader to know You

When you show your personality and explain what really matters to you, it stands out. Yes, you're going to describe your goals once admitted into your program, but you need to put a personality behind the person in the essay. Talk about why you're passionate on the topic in high detail.

Crack Jokes

The best thing you can do with your day is to make someone smile. Make the admissions committee smile by throwing a couple jokes in the essay. It's important to keep them clean and positive. Don't make a joke about how paying for a college tuition is a waste of money to a bunch of people working at a university. May seem obvious, but you'd be surprised. Of course, you can't write a stand-up set as your entire essay, but a joke here or there can only help your chances.

Don't be Afraid to Write Casually

Too many people treat their admissions essay like they are writing to a computer rather than a person. You're allowed to talk to the admissions committee like they are human beings and have a more casual tone to it. Never use slang. Use proper grammar. However, a informal, conversational tone can make the committee feel comfortable.