Choosing topic sentences for your entrance paper

For many of the students-to-be out there, writing the entrance paper is the hardest thing they have ever had to do. On the one hand, you probably have more freedom of choice than in the case of any other research paper or essay you have ever written (and/or you will ever write, for that matter). On the other hand though, it is precisely this freedom that leaves you puzzled in front of so many pieces of advice, of so many ideas, of so many things you would like to say and of so little words or time to actually do it.

Your entrance paper is the thing that will actually show your personality to those college entrances officers. This is your chance to show who you are beyond achievements, certificated, grades and diplomas. This is your chance to show the "real you".

Topic Sentences - What Are They, Really?

Regardless of what kind of academic writing piece you have to work on, the topic sentences you use will be of the highest importance. Basically, they tell what an entire paragraph is about and they also "secretly" tell the reader if the following paragraph is worth reading or not.

They contain the idea of a paragraph in a nutshell and this is why it is of the highest importance that you think them through. Make them attractive and relevant for the paragraph you are about to write, for they will determine your reader's opinion on the next few sentences.

Topic Sentences and Entrance Papers

Now, there is one thing your entrance paper will always have to be: original. And there is one thing your entrance paper will never have to be: boring. Put yourself in the place of those who get to read your entrance paper. They sit there and probably read thousands of applications, but out of them, only a handful few are actually selected. These are the applications that have managed to stir their interest and the applications that have managed to actually stand out.

Basically, they were the ones on which the topic sentences were very, very carefully chosen. Here are some of the most important tips on writing topic sentences that actually attract anyone's attention when it comes to an entrance paper:

  • No cliches or things your grandmother would tell you
  • No "philosophical" ideas (such as "people have been striving for survival ever since the beginning of times).
  • Originality. This means that you will have to add a wholly new perspective on something your college admission officers will have probably heard before. For instance, instead of saying "The main reason I want to study Biology is because I absolutely love animals", say something like "My dog is staring at me as I write this sentence and, as I look into his eyes, I realize, once again how much I love animals and how great it would be to actually help them".
  • You don't need to use complex words. Just use the words you would normally use in everyday life, but avoid slang or offensive words.