Editing Service Online - How To Not Get Scammed

There are so many businesses online waiting to scam you that it isn't even funny. People don't want scare tactics thrown at them but at the same time, you want to protect your rights to your written work. It's called intellectual property. When you've put in hours upon hours of your time and work to write an essay, a dissertation or even a book, the last thing you want is to hire an editor you can't trust.

How to look for an editor online

  • The very best way to find an editor you can trust is by getting a referral from someone else who has been happy with the editor's services in the past. That's about the best proof you can get. But what if you don't know anyone who has used an online editor?
  • The next thing to try is going onto writer's forums. On these forums they will talk to each other about things they like and things they don't like. You might get a lot of useful information from a writer's forum.
  • Check out the testimonials on third party websites. Don't just rely on the testimonials posted on the editor's website, because who knows if they are authentic or not?
  • Find a writing service that employs expert editors. Their editors must be screened and you must be able to verify their qualifications.
  • Qualifications to look for in a good editing service

  • They must have lots of positive reviews. If you can't find any reviews or testimonials online, it makes you wonder.
  • Their guarantee must be stellar and solid; something you can really count on.
  • They must have contact information posted on their site in an obvious location. Try contacting them and see how quickly and politely they reply back. This is very important, so don't skip this step. Ask lots of questions and see what kind of answers they give back.
  • Find out if they have editors who are experts in the particular field your work is in. For example, if you have written a doctoral dissertation, your editor should be an expert with dissertations. If you have written a fantasy fiction book, your editor should be an expert with fantasy fiction works.
  • Do they have a safe and secure method of payment so you don't have to worry about your financial details being lost or stolen or used inappropriately?