Personal Essay tips: Writing About Your Ambitions and Goals

When it comes to writing a college admission essay, most students have to write a personal statement. This part of the process requires students to write about their goals, dreams and ambitions. Often, students have to incorporate some of their life experiences. Additionally, they should include steps that they have already written to achieve these goals.

Starting the Essay

Before writing the essay, students should have a grasp on what they want out of life. If they are not sure, they should brainstorm different ideas and ambitions. These goals and ambitions should line up with the departments at the college. If the student wants to be a vet, they should not be applying for the humanities department of the school. Each part of the essay has to focus on how attending the school achieves the students long-term ambitions.

Let Them Know You

Plenty of students want to be a doctor or a college professor. The admissions office has read through hundreds of applications that contain cookie cutter formulas and goals. When a student applies to a university, they have to let the admissions office know what sets them apart. Discussing past activities, values and extracurricular activities can help the admission office understand how the student has prepared for their goals. Likewise, demonstrating the personal significance of these educational objectives sheds light on the student's personality and dreams.

Think Long-Term

When it comes to writing the essay, the student should never focus on just their academic goals. Instead, students should describe their ultimate career ambitions. How will attending the college prepare the student for long-term goals? Students can write about the contributions they plan on making in a particular field. If they are planning on pursuing law, students should discuss the types of cases or field they want to practice. Are they planning on working in public service or for environmental class action suits? All of this type of information is relevant for the admissions office because it lets the office discover how dedicated the student is to their goals.

After completing the admissions essay, students should always take some time to proofread the essay. They should check for any spelling or grammar errors. Ideally, a favorite teacher or tutor should read through the essay as well. The extra help is invaluable for editing and proofreading the essay. Once the essay is truly finished, the student can send in their essay and wait for the results.