Nursing school admission essays: main things to remember

There are a number of things to consider when completing a nursing school admission essay. Nursing schools are extremely competitive - and with the economic climate pushing more career professionals into other careers and educational programs, it is only getting increasingly competitive as time goes by. For this reason, it is important that admissions essays are well planned and effectively written. Your nursing school admission essay may be what gets you in the door over the next applicant.

When you plan your admission essay procedure, there are some things to remember. Below, you will find a list of items you should consider as you complete the process.

Nursing School Admissions Essays - Things to Remember

While many nursing schools have similar requirements for their application processes, some will have specific requirements that differ from the others. This is one of many reasons you should put effort and planning into your essay to ensure the highest rate of success possible.

  • Institution Requirements: Each school has an outline of requirements that each student must meet within the application. This includes requirements for admissions essays and other topic essays that may be required. Follow the requirement for each step to make sure you are following the process completely for your top school choices.
  • Program Requirements: Each program has requirements that add to the admission requirements of the overall school. You must make sure you are meeting the requirements for both.
  • Set Yourself Apart: With so many students applying, the odds are that there will be many students that are as qualified as you are. What will set you apart from those other students is your admissions essay. Make sure it is clear, effective, and makes a strong case for you as a student and professional.
  • Supplement Your Scores and Grades: If you are lacking in one of the grade categories, or if you are less than happy with your test scores, your admissions essay can help boost your application and make up for those deficiencies. A well written admissions essay can actually answer questions that lower than hoped test scores may create for an admissions counselor. Choose your topics well and explain yourself completely. It may just get you in the door even if your grades or scores are less than perfect.
  • Plan Ahead: You should always plan ahead for such an important writing assignment. You can get help from others, but should be writing the piece yourself so that you highlight yourself as well as possible.