Admission Essay Writing Tips For Students

You've decided to go to college, now here is the daunting part, the college application form. As part of your application you need to write an easy. This is an opportunity to show admissions officers who you are and to provide as much information about yourself as possible. This is not something you could include in the other parts of the from. The essay reveals your writing skills and is the best part of the form, because you get to sell yourself the most.

The two things you should do when you are writing the essay is to start early and to write from the heart. It should be about what you have done, not what you would like to do or thought about doing, but all the things you have participated, achieved and done up to date.

Tips when writing your essay are as follows:

  • Show, but don't tell. Show them that you like helping people by stating that you help out at the homeless shelter on the weekend or other acts of kindness that you do.
  • Don't overload the essay with everything from when you were born and all the great things you have done to date. It is not a resume; you are not applying for a job, but for further education. Focus on an aspect of yourself so that readers can learn more about you. Things that interest you the most and the reason they interest you.
  • Write it from the heart, do not try and sound like you feel you should sound. For instance there is an A grade student that always uses a set amount of vocabulary, do not copy them, just be yourself, be as natural as you can be in person as you are in words.

The fundamental thing that you must do when you hand in your essay is to proofread it yourself. Some great proofreading tips are to print it out and read it out loud. Then hand it over to a family member, a parent and finally your teacher. Get as many hands on board to ensure that your paper is the best that it can be, so that when you complete it you have all the confidence in the world. You do not want to be rejected from a college due to a poor essay.