Admission essays: to buy or not to buy?

Buying an online essay has several advantages

  • There are many essay-writing services on the net the one can use to write their admission essays. With the high number of service offering companies, the prices are greatly reduced to attract customers. This means that one can get quality for relatively low price.
  • The writers on the online writing websites and service providers are experienced. They have done many admission essays and other types of writing and therefore know what they are doing. If the writer gets the right company then they can deliver quality work.
  • They reduce the stress on the student dealing with the application process. Students normally place a lot of pressure on themselves when writing essays and this can lead to mistakes.

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages when buying admission essays online

  • The selection process is tedious. Anyone with an internet connection and a website can claim to offer writing services. The writer must be very careful when choosing lest they be defrauded or get a poor quality paper.
  • The writer does not experience the same feelings a possible admission to the school elicits. Despite the constant communication, they might not capture the right spirit of the essay as the admissions officials require.

On the other hand, writing one's own essay is easy because

  • They do not have to spend anything. This is an obvious advantage as the student does not spend a cent as they do their work. They also do not run the risk of being defrauded by fake writing companies.
  • There is no risk of the writer or the writing company not capturing some aspects of the paper when the student does it. They have the liberty of including everything and steer the paper in the direction they require.

But unlike buying, the pressure to deliver can force mistakes from the student as they do their admission essay. They might feel the need to over represent themselves in the essay leading to the inclusion of irrelevant details that might deter their admission efforts. An independent writer is an unbiased set of eyes and does those things that someone reviewing their own work would not change.

Despite this, I think writing one's own essay is the best way to go. A self-written admission essay is authentic and will obviously capture the eyes of the admission officers. The student can include online editing services to rectify mistakes and fine tune their essay.