Finding custom written personal statement on the web

Personal statements are a type of essay that's about you. They can be about a defining event or transition in your life, death of a loved one, an accomplishment, a mistake or failure that you learned from, or even something that almost happened but didn't. Often, personal statements are given more as an assignment that shows your writing skills, rather than the specific topic you're writing about. This isn't always true, so check with your teacher before continuing. If the instructions for this assignment clearly say that, you need to write about a certain type of life event, and then make sure you do that.

Writing a personal statement isn't that hard, although you can be too close to the memory to write about it accurately. Part of a good personal statement is the uniqueness of your bias, but sometimes you need more help. If you've ever wished you could have an example to follow, something to format your personal statement by, then keep reading. Getting an example online can be worth it if you can find a good one.

How to Find a Personal Statement Example

As with any type of essay, a personal statement is easier to write with something to follow. There can be repercussions from using a bad example, though, and you might be better off just writing it on your own. Here are a few things to check for when you're searching for a sample:

  • Make sure it's free, or cheap
  • The writing quality needs to be very good
  • Is the personal statement example close to the topic you're doing?
  • Check that the sample isn't plagiarized or stolen
  • Using a sample means that you need to write everything in your own words; don't copy anything from the example
  • If you can't find what you're looking for, try searching for different keywords
  • Some essay writing services offer free samples

After those tips, if you still haven't found a good example, you might just want to pay someone to write the personal statement for you. Good writing services will be fast at getting it done, and have low prices for an excellent assignment. Use much the same criteria as above when looking for a writer online: good at writing, no plagiarism, the right price, and very good quality of work. Also, you should make sure there are free revisions in case you don't like the finished personal statement.