Personal Statement Help: Don't Bore The Reader

You spent four years of your life keeping your nose in the books so that you can graduate high school and move towards bigger and better things in your life. One such thing you are moving towards is a collegiate career that will ultimately advance your skills, and education related to the field of business you want to go into. With that being said there are a lot of schools you can choose to go to. With the application process a personal statement. You are probably wondering how are you going to write up that personal statement without boring the reader. No worries, there is a solution and this article is going to sum it up for you.

Be yourself:

For starters you have to be yourself throughout the personal statement. You can utilize your personality through your writing style. If you are a humorous person you can make subtle jokes that are tactful and relevant to your personal statement. If you are a humbled individual show that through the way you write as well. Be sure that you do not overdo showing your personality. You can tell stories, or talk about event you have done that highlight your personality as well.

Highlight Specific examples:

Appeal to the admissions officers emotions. Instead of stating that you are involved in something give an example. For instance: don't say that you are involved with your community, or you like to give back, state a specific moment where you got involved with a community related project. Let the reader know about one organization you are involved with that holds community involvement at its forefront.

Avoid List:

Don't just list off your accomplishments, goals, etc. A laundry list of things you have done or want to do will bore the reader and cause them to lose focus. You should really only focus on one or two things and really highlight them in a way that shows the reader you are and what interest you.


Avoid the use of cliches. Use simple language that will appeal to the admissions officers. Do not use slang words or improper speech. Keep things formal and easy to understand.


Be confident in what you are saying to the reader. Be matter of fact and sure on the issue at hand.

If you follow all of these tips, you will be sure to have an interesting personal statement that will remain true to who you are, but appeal to the admissions officers as well.