Entrance Essay Tips: the Key to Acceptance

In order to be accepted at your first choice college, you have to not only have excellent test scores and complete application, but you also need to have a brilliant entrance essay. Since most colleges have more applicants than they have spots for, your entrance essay needs to stand out in the best way possible. These are few tips to making your essay stand out from the crowd:

  1. Make it flawless. Edit that essay until you cannot edit it anymore. Every sentence should be analyzed. Your word choices scrutinized. Spelling perfected and grammar stylized. Your entrance essay is the only first impression you will make on the application committee. If you send in an essay full of mistakes, especially careless ones, the committee will think that you do not care. If you do not care, why should they?
  2. Tell the truth. It is much easier to write about what you know. If you do not tell the truth, your readers will be able to tell. The application committee wants to know about you and they want to see your abilities and experiences.
  3. Follow the rules. Admissions departments only have so much time to spend reading each essay. If the instructions say to write an essay with 800 words or fewer, then write an essay with 800 or fewer words. The admissions department wants to see that you can follow directions, so do it without any exceptions.
  4. Be interesting. In order to set yourself apart from the other candidates, you need to write an essay that is unique. The key to writing an interesting essay is by using vivid verbs instead of linking verbs, like "to be". You can also make your essay interesting by removing needless words.
  5. Consider your audience. Unless the instructions specify that you write for a particular audience, you should write for the people who will be reading your essay. Admissions committees are made up of educated adults, so you should use interesting words and write in an appropriate tone of voice, which could be professional, humorous, or honest, as well as any other tone that fits the assignment.
  6. As for help. As a high school student, you have the best help available at your fingertips. They want you to succeed, so they will help you with creating topic, planning, outlining, editing, and so much more.