College Admission Essays Are Easy to Write

Some people become frustrated when they write their college admission essays because they are not sure about what to include in it. Actually, writing a college admission essay is not too hard to complete if you are organized and if you know what you can contribute to the school. You want to start writing the essay at least three weeks before the application due date and to make it easier, write the essay before you complete other parts of the application so you won't feel rushed when the due date is near.

No Embellishing

When you discuss your most important accomplishments in the college admissions essay, you shouldn't embellish them because it's dishonest and takes away from the quality of your essay because you're not letting admissions officials get to know the real you. Instead focus on the accomplishments that happened and how they changed your life. If you helped with the yearbook committee and you're applying to a mass communications program, talk about how you learned interpersonal skills and that the activity inspired you to enter a journalism career.

Open With A Bang

Your introductory paragraph should not be filled with the same cliche sentences that will put the admissions officers to sleep. Instead you want to open the college admissions essay with something unique and catchy. Don't write "I'm interested in applying to your college because..." but write "As the child of divorced parents, I dealt with the pain of not being able to grow up with both parents in the home and this is what motivates me to become a marriage and family counselor. My main goal in life is to restore marriages and help children who are in broken homes."

Originality is Key

Once you complete the introductory paragraph, you need to make sure that the rest of your admissions essay has originality. If you grew up with parents who worked as missionaries and you traveled to different countries as a child, give specific lessons you learned from those experiences. Talk about how you had to confront your own prejudices and how you learned to maintain a sense of humility while living among those in different cultures. Finally, mention that this is why you want to study anthropology and teach it to students in the future.

A college admissions essay may be simple to write, but it doesn't mean that you will not have to prepare and organize your thoughts properly. Admissions officials want to see that you put a lot of effort into your essay and they can spot when you haven't done this.