5 Admission Essay Writing Secrets

  1. Reflect Rather Than Just Report Memorable Experiences
  2. According to some college admissions officials, applicants will briefly describe their most memorable experience but they do not turn them into reflection when writing the essay. When you write about your past experiences, it is important that you mention how those experiences shape your values and how they inspired you to choose the career you're interested in. For example, if you are returning to school to become a nurse after fifteen years as a corporate executive, discuss why you decided to make the change.

  3. Mention Influence of Those Around You
  4. Another idea is to incorporate the influence of someone you know in the essay but you want to do more than just list the positive attributes of the person who influenced you. You want to talk about how you have tried to live out that person's influence as an individual and how that person's influence will shape your career goals. If your aunt was a paralegal who also ran a community food bank for low-income families, discuss how she inspired you to enter a career in social work for the state government.

  5. Stick To The Word Count
  6. If the instructions say you should only write 500 words, then don't go over that amount so you can squeeze in all of your thoughts in a lengthy essay. You can stick to the word count by only answering the required questions in the essay. If you find that your essay is too long, you want to take out all unnecessary details.

  7. Make Your Career Goals Clear and Realistic
  8. It is good to be excited about your career when writing the admissions essay but admissions officials say that you need to state realistic and clear career goals. If you are applying to a pre-med biology program, you can state that your goal is to eventually enter medical school and become a nutritionist. State reasons why you want to become a nutritionist as your motives are also important to admissions officials. You can mention that you lost several relatives in your family to diabetes and since good nutrition can prevent diabetes and obesity, you want to help others make wiser nutritional choices.

  9. Always Proofread Before Sending It
  10. Before mailing the essay and other applications, you should have your teacher or guidance counselor look over it for grammatical errors, structural problems or factual errors. This ensures that your essay will look right to the person who will read it.

Preparing your essay the right way makes the difference between an acceptance letter or rejection letter. Don't rush through the writing process because you need a lot of time to organize your thoughts and go over mistakes.