Five Effective Tips For Writing A Good Personal Statement

You will need to represent yourself in a positive light many times over the course of your academic career. Some of these occasions may be somewhat informal, such as a conversation with a high ranking official at a potential college or being present at sporting events that are well attended. In any case, here are a few highly effective tips that you should follow if you want to create the kind of personal statement that you can feel proud of.

Spend some time in quiet introspection

Many people live their entire lives without truly understanding themselves. If you want your statement to reflect who you really are, you do not have this luxury. Get yourself a nice quiet place and think about who you are. Now it is entirely possible that you have no interest in being honest for this exercise. In that case you may skip this step or just think about the person you wan tto appear to be on paper. Try not to lie too blatantly.

Make note of all your best traits

After your introspection, start making a list of the things you like best about yourself. What are you good at? Which aspects of your personality are most noteworthy? Having put together this list try to make sure that you have ways of proving everything you say. If, for instance, you claim to be a teem player but can show no evidence of ever successfully operating in a team, people will probably doubt you.

Make note of all of your worst traits

This is one of those steps people like to avoid but it is necessary too. Once you have honestly put together this list, look for the things that you can spin into positives and include. If you are brash call yourself frank.

Compile a basic outline

With everything you have done so far, you have most of the ingredients for a personal statement. It may help to put in a story that shows you being heroic or overcoming adversity. These are optional.

Have someone who knows you review your work

It can be easy to think that you have succeeded when you are just barely creating decent work. This is why it helps to have an unbiased party look over your creation critically. They can let you know where you went overboard with the positive traits or if you included a negative trait that will turn readers off.