The Top 25 Exciting 5-Paragraph Essay Topics for High School

A 5-paragrapgh essay is one of the favorite professors' assignments that demonstrate how well paper writing skills of a student are developed. It is an easy task for those who know how to structure this kind of paper. However, choosing an interesting topic may be a challenge. Below, there are top 25 exciting essay topics that are both catching and easy.

  1. How advertising affects your daily life and the life of your family members and friends? Provide some examples.
  2. Why do you think some teenagers leave their homes?
  3. Do you prefer living in a big city or in the country?
  4. Imagine an average life expectancy is increased to 200 years. How it would affect the society.
  5. Do you think the young should be responsible for the financial security of their parents?
  6. Why do you think contemporary women postpone marriage and children bearing?
  7. Do you agree that drugs legalization can help address the problem of drug addiction?
  8. Most secondary schools face the shortage of math teachers. What steps should be taken to solve the problem?
  9. What do you think every person should experience in his or her life to make it full?
  10. Discuss whether animals should be subject to medical tests.
  11. What do you prefer: spending a holiday with your family members or friends?
  12. If you had a choice where to live, would you prefer to live on a beach or in the mountains?
  13. How robot installation into manufacture affects labor force?
  14. Do you think Americans should be given a right to keep arms?
  15. What in your opinion are the main reasons students are dismissed from colleges?
  16. Discuss the effects AIDS has on the way people date.
  17. Do you think every available for duty American citizen should be subject to the military service?
  18. What kind of discovery would you like to make if you had a chance to?
  19. What is the pastime you enjoy most?
  20. What tips would you give to students showing poor studying progress?
  21. What message would you enclose in a time capsule if you knew it would be read in 2000 years?
  22. Why do you think obesity is majorly characterized as epidemic?
  23. If you get to choose between a well-paid job you hate and a poorly paid job you love, what will you choose?
  24. What national American dishes and what regional foods would you recommend to a tourist?
  25. What career is the most attractive to you and why?