Application Essay Tips: Asking a Friend For Review

A trusted friend or someone you admire could be a great candidate for reviewing your application essay. It helps if you take the time to review your content in further detail and made changes as needed before having a fresh pair of eyes read it over. You want to make sure your content is logic in reasoning and in order, while presenting necessary information you want to school to know about you and your abilities. There are a few things to think about when asking someone you know to review your content.

Why It Helps to Be More Considerate in Choosing Who You Ask

You need to ask people that will be honest about what they read and they will take the time to review your content thoroughly. Sometimes asking people you know may not be as helpful when there are those that will agree with you without telling you the truth. You should understand your content and what you hope to accomplish with it. Being considerate in who you ask may help you get varied opinions to help you understand what changes, if any, you need to consider making.

Getting an Honest Opinion Can Make a Difference

When considering others to read your essay, honest is important and you want to get good opinions to help you think about your content. People that have a genuine interest in your goals will be honest with you because they want to see you succeed. Even if it is something you do not want to hear from them, it can make a difference in how your essay is received by the school for which you are applying. You don't have to take things personal but you should think about any feedback or criticism you receive and see if you can make your essay any better.

Taking Their Feedback into Consideration

As just mentioned you don't need to take things personal, but you can be open to any ideas or suggestions. Talk about what they thought about your essay and ask them what you should change or improve. You can consider mentioning a few points regarding information you wanted to include but decided to leave out. It helps to connect with someone that has gone through this process before to get their thoughts. They can likely relate to the pressure of writing an essay of this nature and you can ask them about content they included that helped them get accepted.