The Best College Application Essay Topics To Write About

There are hundreds of students across the country who are writing application essays to get into the college of their dreams, or the college their parents are paying for. Whether this is really the school you want to be studying at or not, writing a really good application paper is the best way to get accepted. Look at the list below for some of the best topics you can write on for your college admission. You can discuss these with a friend, your parents or even a teacher from a previous school if you like.

Topics for college essay applications

  • Do you have a background, talent or identity that is so important to you that you cannot imagine yourself without it?
  • Talk about an event or accomplishment that you or others saw as your ascent into adulthood, within a familial or cultural context
  • Discuss a time when you were challenged on an idea or belief. What did you do, what pushed you to act, and would you make the same choice again?
  • Reflect a failure that you learned something from and how it affected you
  • Describe a problem that you would like to solve, whether it's intellectually challenging, an interesting piece of research or a moral dilemma: something that is personally important to you no matter how small or big
  • Write about a fictional or historical figure that has had a profound influence on you and explain how that has changed your life

Writing a college application essay

Once you have a topic chosen you are interested in writing about, it's time to start writing the actual project. You need to have a plan to do this properly. Your essay should be within the guidelines of the school, in areas of format, length, and others. When you are applying to a school, you only really have control over this essay. The other parts of your application - personal information, education history, etc. are nothing special from person to person. But your individuality and writing expressed in the paper are the only chance you have to stand out and make your voice heard, so use that chance well.

After you're done writing, have a friend read it over for errors or boring parts and edit until you are happy with it. This is an important step because often you can be blind to what's wrong with it until someone else points it out.