How to write an admission essay for college - writing responsibly

When it comes to writing essays in high school or college, you set out to get the highest score possible. When it comes to writing an admission essay for college it's not a score that you want but a result. The essay for admission to college is not so much good, very good, poor or some other result. It's either accepted or rejected and the acceptance and rejection is for a person, you.

So it goes without saying that you need to write responsibly. And this is manifest in a number of basic ways.

  • Do not try to tell your life story.
  • Show your results including the poor ones.
  • Get the tone absolutely right.
  • Show off your personality without boasting.

One mistake a number of students make in writing their admission essay is to create War and Peace. You do not want a massive essay. You do not want the ins and outs of your entire life story. Learn how to say the right things in as precise and concise way as possible.

It's important in listing the results of your previous exams and activities in which you have participated and include, if they occurred, the scores you would not necessarily boast about. This shows that you are being upfront and honest about your past history and if you can add a sensible explanation as to why you didn't do so well in one or more things, so much the better for you and your character.

It's vital that you get the tone of your admission essay spot on. If you come across as someone who is flippant or boastful or who adopts what seems to be a trivial attitude to your future studies, you will do yourself irreparable harm. You need to come across as a mature, sensible, enthusiastic and dedicated student. The more you can reveal yourself to be an all-round the person, that is someone with various interests and skills, the better will be your chances of success.

You must reveal your personality. The college to which you are writing accepts students and not robots. Make sure the reader of your admission essay gets a good understanding of the type of person you are. Do not boast about your achievements. Portray yourself in a humble light and someone who would be a real asset should they be accepted by this college.