Penn State Application Essay Writing Guide

Writing any college essay for admissions can be scary, but when you're applying to a high-profile school like Penn State, It can be almost nightmarish. What if you don't write the right thing? What if your essay is awful and costs you admission? It's natural to feel this way and the process for admissions is already exhaustive and you will provide background information like biographical info, academic and work history, and your previous courses of study as well as your current path of study. The college essay is not designed to know these things, but more so what you think and how you think, as well as how you can express yourself in writing.

Follow all directions

If you are given a topic or a word limit, follow all directions carefully. Some colleges ask for 1,000 word essays, some tell you to go no more than 500 words. Whatever the word or page limit, get as close to it as possible without going under to more than 60 words over. Some colleges will give you an odd question to answer, and some don't require an encompassing essay but rather one that specifies why you want to go into a particular course of study. Whatever the admission essay demands, follow that perfectly of you will be seen as someone who cannot follow directions.

Organize your topic

No matter what the topic is, organize it before you write. Make three to five bullet points about the topic to organize your thoughts. For instance, if the topic is "why you want to go into journalism" list three points about journalism that you love and why it makes you passionate about the field. If you have past experience with journalism, list that in your introduction or conclusion as a way to lead into your points or wrap them up. If you have a word count you can also list how many words each point needs to have.

Edit before sending

After you have organized your points, write a cohesive essay to tie them all together. Go back over the essay and edit it, line by line. If you have gone over your word limit, find places where you can be more concise. If you don't have enough words, find places where you can expound on your thoughts. Make sure all sentences are grammatically correct and you have no spelling errors. These things can discredit your writing no matter how good and solid your ideas are.

When writing your college essay, no matter the college to which you are applying, always follow directions and proof read your work. stay on topic by being organized and flesh out your thoughts by sticking to one point at a time. These tips will help make the writing process easy for you.