Learn How to Write an Effective Personal Statement in No Time

Writing a personal statement is not as challenging as it sounds. When you are assigned the task of writing a personal statement, the most important first step is to read the instructions. In many cases, the instructions will provide word counts and a focus for the topic of the personal statement. You should be sure to get close to word count - without going over, and you should be sure to stick to the required focus.

Why Write a Personal Statement

Personal statements are essentially the format that many schools and workplaces use to get to know you. These statements are used as a way to sell yourself to a new school or to help get a promotion at work. When you write your personal statement, you want to put your personal traits in the best possible light and show how those traits can better the organization. You can also write about how the organization will make your traits better, too.

Where to Begin

Most personal statement assignments to involve answering a question or writing with a focus. You should directly address the question in a specific fashion, usually by telling a story. Before you begin to write, you should jot down some notes and possibly even formulate a brief outline to keep your focused on the task. Then you begin writing.

Opening Section

The first part of the statement is an introduction. This opening paragraphs should attempt to get the reader's attention with the use of an effective hook. Then you should move into the focus of the statement, by giving an answer to the question or addressing the focus. Do not directly address the reader. Write like you are writing an academic essay, but with slightly more of your own personal voice.

Middle Section and Closing

The middle section of the paper is where you get into the reasons why you should be accepted, promoted, or put into a particular organization. This where you will record your strengths and the strengths of the organization, too. You do want to show that you know something about the organization, so it looks like you have made your choice with purpose and care. If you are writing about a career goal, share what you have done to help learn about the career and prepare yourself for it. Most personal essays do not include formal conclusions, but you will want to be sure that you close the statement so it feels finished.