How To Write A Unique Application Essay?

While much of your college application is going to look like any other students', your entrance essay is one way in which you can really distinguish yourself from the crowd. Here are five easy ways to ensure that your application essay is unique and creative.

  1. What makes YOU unique will make your essay unique
  2. The most important thing you can do to make sure your essay is unique is to draw on your own uniqueness. What makes you different from the college's student body in general? This could be an interesting experience, an unusual talent or hobby, different demographic characteristics (languages you know, ethnicity, country of origin), an unusual perspective or worldview, etc. Highlight the things that make you special, and your essay will stand out.

  3. Include a narrative
  4. Don't just write about an interesting experience dispassionately. Include an account of something that's changed your life, changed the way you think, or changed your ambitions, and do it in the form of a narrative. Tell about how it changed things for you step by step. Not only will your experience be noteworthy, but everyone tells a story differently.

  5. Use quotations
  6. You're not required to do any research for most entrance exams, so the vast majority of students wouldn't. We're not suggesting you turn your entrance exam in to a term paper, simply that you include a few quotations that you faithfully cite. The wise words of someone who inspires you, for example, could be a great way to lend your essay some unique flair. A famous author, activist, or scholar could be a good choice. But anyone that inspires you that has said something noteworthy can be used - a famous chef, an athlete, even an actor or actress.

  7. Discuss your plans for the future
  8. No one is planning to be you in the future, except you. Your own personal plans for the future can make your essay unique. Don't settle for "being successful" as your future plans. Think about the plans you have that are creative and different. Maybe you want to build a cabin in Wyoming, or go hiking in the Himalayas. Maybe there's a particular topic of research that's unique which you'd like to pursue one day.

  9. Be sincere
  10. Most importantly, don't treat your essay as a way to use gimmicks for attention. Sincerity and openness will make a far better impression.